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Naturland Standards


The development of our own standards and implementing them in practice is a central task of Naturland as an organic farming association.

At the heart of all Naturland standards is a comprehensive approach and a focus on sustainable farming, applied conservation and climate protection, safeguarding and preserving soil, air and water, and ensuring consumer protection.

The Naturland standards also cover areas that are not regulated by the EU Organic Regulation, such as organic forest management, textile and cosmetics manufacturing and even social aspects, which are covered by our social standards.

Below you can find our standards for processing, trade and catering. Here you can view all Naturland standards

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You can find recommendations for suitable packaging in the “Nachhaltige Verpackung von Oekolebensmitteln” (Sustainable packaging for organic food) guideline published by the Bund Oekologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (German Organic Food Association).

BOELW guideline “Nachhaltige Verpackung von Ökolebensmitteln” - GERMAN

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Team Naturland Zeichen GmbH (EN)

Naturland Zeichen GmbH

The Naturland Office Team

Do you have a question? Here you can find your Naturland Zeichen GmbH contact for any questions that you may have about licensing, the use of the Naturland logo, the voluntary Naturland Fair certification and the many advantages that you have as a Naturland Partner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Naturland Zeichen GmbH (EN)


Naturland Zeichen GmbH

Paving the way for an organic and social food industry

Naturland Zeichen GmbH is responsible for licensing and issuing the Naturland logo, the Naturland Fair logo and the Naturland Wildfish logo. Make the most of our global network spanning international organic producers, direct marketers, processors, wholesalers, independent food retailers and drug stores.

We are your service partner helping you towards an internationally recognized Naturland certification. Our extensive service portfolio also includes cross-media marketing campaigns for and with partners, marketing materials and templates, as well as planning and organizing successful joint exhibits at key trade fairs and events.

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  • Naturland Partner Standards

    Naturland Standards

    Do you want your goods and products to be certified by Naturland? Here are the Naturland standards for partners.

  • Naturland Zeichen Team


    We forge new paths and induce change. For a successful future.

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