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Naturland partner in Palestine honoured for his visionary entrepreneurship – award ceremony on 8th September

Nasser AbufarhaNasser AbufarhaNasser Abufarha, the director of Canaan Fair Trade, a Naturland Fair partner in Palestine, is one of the five winners of the One World Award 2017. He is being honoured for his pioneering work in the fields of organic agriculture and fair trade in the Middle East. “We are delighted that Nasser Abufarha has been recognised with this prestigious award. His work in Palestine is an authentic and innovative example of how farmers can benefit from combining organic with fair trade,” says Hubert Heigl, the president of Naturland on Monday on the occasion of the official announcement of the prize-winners.

The One World Award (OWA) honours people, projects, initiatives and innovative ideas which produce ecological, social and economic improvements and contribute towards making the world a fairer place. It is awarded every three years by Rapunzel, an organic food producer, and IFOAM, the global umbrella organisation of organic associations. When deciding on the prize-winners, the international jury was faced with the difficult task of choosing the best of many outstanding applications from all over the world, said Rapunzel on Monday.

The combination of organic agriculture with fair trade is the key to success

Nasser Abufarha came into contact with fair trade during a period of study in the United States and made it his aim to propagate this idea in his homeland of Palestine. Olive trees which play a significant role in Palestinian culture were key to the success of this project. He started by organising olive farmers and by concentrating on organic agriculture and using fair trade channels from the very beginning.  Over the past ten years, Nasser Abufarha has created a thriving network of farmers, advisory staff, sales channels and research bodies.
The project is expanding rapidly and already comprises over 2,500 smallholders in the West Bank. Besides securing the farmers’ futures in a sustainable manner, the project contributes towards the general development of the region by offering farm labourers job opportunities and investing in communal projects, positive action for women, the healthcare system, education etc.
However, his project carries even greater significance for Nasser Abufarha: “Through food, Palestinians can gain a voice in this global movement for change. Palestine is part of these efforts to forge new kinds of solidarity across borders. We have the chance to let people see Palestinians in a different light, and see that we are not ‘the foreigner’. We can be a partner in a wider struggle for global justice. I am delighted to receive this award because it gives us welcome additional backing for our projects,” says the director of Canaan Fair Trade, Palestine. This organisation has been certified to the Naturland Fair standards since 2010.

Award ceremony on 8th September in Legau, Germany

The prize-winners will be presented with their awards at a gala ceremony on 8th September, 2017, in the Rapunzel head offices in Legau in Allgäu, a region of Bavaria. On this occasion the name of the winner of the OWA-Grand Prix from among the five candidates will be announced. Each of the prize-winners will receive 5,000 euros and an OWA medal. The winner of the Grand Prix will receive a financial award of 25,000 euros and the “Lady OWA” statue.