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Naturland contributes organic expertise to development co-operation

OneWorddAward gross KopieNaturland welcomes the clear commitment of Dr. Gerd Müller, Germany’s minister of development, to organic agriculture. “Organic and socially orientated agriculture is key to combating global environmental problems, hunger and poverty. It is a good thing that the conclusions drawn in the global report “Agriculture at a Crossroads“of 2008 should be allowed to shape future development policies of the German federal government,” says Steffen Reese, general manager of the Naturland association in Gräfelfing.

Reese was responding to the announcement made by Gerd Müller, Germany’s minister of development, that the innovative methods employed in organic agriculture are to be considered for a major role in future development policies.In his speech on the occasion of the presentation of the “One World Award“ on the premises of Rapunzel, a manufacturer of organic foodstuffs, Gerd Müller described the knowledge and methods used in organic agriculture as “key to sustainable agriculture” in Africa and India, and announced his plan to establish a “knowledge hub for organic and climate-conscious agriculture” in co-operation with the organic industry. “The organic agricultural movement has the knowledge we need. In our development co-operation with thousands of partners, we pass this on to every village, to every field, and in this way it bears fruit the world over,” said the German minister on Friday evening in Legau, a town in the province of Allgäu.

Naturland offers development co-operation its organic expertise

One example of such a joint project between the German government and the organic movement is the co-operation already in place between Naturland and the green innovation centre in Cameroon in connection with the conversion of a cocoa co-operative to organic agriculture. The green innovation centres are a project supported by the minister to improve the situation of smallholders by introducing innovations in agriculture.
Besides this project, Naturland, IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) have just commenced co-operation with seven of the green innovation centres in Africa and India with the aim of helping them recognise the potential inherent in organic agriculture and to expand it. “We are giving Gerd Müller our backing in the project he is supporting to improve the situation of smallholders world-wide by improving organic agriculture. This of course means that we shall continue to demand this policy be pursued even after the German elections in September,” said Steffen Reese, general manager of Naturland.

One World Award für Naturland Partner aus Palästina

One of the people accepting the “One World Award 2017” in Legau on Friday was Nasser Abufarha, director of Canaan Fair Trade in Palestine, a partner of Naturland. He has succeeded in establishing a project in a conflict-ridden region which has created future prospects for thousands of farmers and their families. This pioneering achievement in the field of organic agriculture and fair trade in the Middle East is one of many examples showing where potential lies. Nasser Abufarha will be in Munich on Wednesday, 13th September, to present the project.

Inspirational project in Palestine: how organic fair trade olives hold future promise, Wednesday, 13th September, 2017, 7 p.m., in Munich in the Seidl-Villa, Nikolaiplatz 1.

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