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Seafood Expo North America 350 233Seafood Expo North America in Boston (picture source: Naturland)Seafood Expo North America is North America’s largest seafood trade event. The exposition takes place from 17th-19th March in Boston, featuring over 1,340 exhibiting companies from more than 50 countries. Naturland will also participate as an exhibitor, offering its expertise in certifying organic aquaculture as well as sustainable fisheries.

In the United States, there is still no national organic certification program for aquaculture. Nevertheless, in recent years the North American Seafood Expo has been making approaches towards the topic of organic aquaculture. Naturland, on the other hand, has already played a pioneering role in the development of organic aquaculture in Europe, Southeast Asia as well as Central America

With its participation in the Seafood Expo in Boston, Naturland is aiming at gaining new partners in America for organic and sustainable fish and seafood as well as broadening the range of Naturland certified seafood for processors and retailers. Meet the Naturland seafood experts at booth 284 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

For further information visit the webpage of Seafood Expo North America.