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Burundi gross

Naturland has been assisting the burundian coffee co-operative federation COCOCA since 2014, with the conversion of two primary cooperatives to organic coffee production. Now this pilot scheme, which is being run in close co-operation with WeltPartner eG and is receiving funding from the German province of Baden-Württemberg, has been expanded to include 17 grassroots co-operatives which will be receiving ongoing technical and scientific support.
In the new project, which started in 2019 and will probably last until June, 2021, the University of Applied Forest Sciences (Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft) in Rottenburg, Germany, and the agricultural faculty of Burundi University are also on board. In this applied research project, their main objective is to provide support and advice on the establishment and development of agroforestry systems. The experience gained from co-operation with the two initial grassroots co-operatives in the organic field is now to be applied to a further 15 COCOCA co-operatives. Besides this, the agricultural advisory services provided by COCOCA are to be expanded, with particular emphasis on participative advisory methods, farmer field schools and creating demonstration sites. Ten more agricultural advisers are to be employed for this purpose. Read more here