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Gräfelfing – Conversion to organic despite Corona: in 2020 Naturland succeeded in consolidating the growth figures of recent years, thus once again making an exceptionally strong contribution to the expansion of organic agriculture, both in Germany and globally.

Currently over 100,000 farmers in 60 countries throughout the world adhere to the Naturland standards. The area of agricultural land cultivated increased by 25.8% to about 540,000 hectares. Add to this almost 54,000 hectares of organic forestry management, and the figure then totals over 590,000 hectares of land managed in compliance with the Naturland standards, over half of this area being in Germany.


4,154 Naturland members in Germany

In Germany, Naturland saw its membership increase by 232, or 5.9%, in 2020. Throughout Germany, almost 30,000 hectares were converted to Naturland’s organic standards, a rise of 12.8%. This amounts to a total of a good 260,000 hectares of land devoted to organic agriculture in Germany and farmed in compliance with Naturland’s standards (excluding forests).
“Even in 2020, Naturland again succeeded in converting an above-average number of farms to organic agriculture, despite the more arduous conditions imposed by the pandemic. Nevertheless, we still cannot be truly satisfied with this result, because we are falling short of the political goal of 25% organic agriculture by 2030,“ comments Hubert Heigl, president of Naturland, in his assessment of the progress made. “If we want to make measurable progress with such urgent issues as biodiversity and animal welfare, now is the time to set the wheels in motion,” said Naturland’s president in a general appeal to the German government.

Strong growth in Europe: 27.5% increase in area farmed according to the Naturland standards

From a global perspective, there was a significant cumulative increase in growth, which, however, showed great regional variances in some cases. These divergences also depended on the global pandemic situation and whether Naturland was able to pay its first visits to farms interested in conversion in the respective countries.
Despite these impediments, Naturland was able to record above-average growth of its certified area of 27.5% to some 40,000 hectares in Europe. One example of this positive development is Italy, where numerous new farms joined Naturland, thereby even increasing the certified area there by a good 80% to just under 8,100 hectares.

Over 100,000 Naturland farmers the world over

In total, the area certified for compliance with the Naturland standards outside Germany increased by a record of 41% to 276,000 hectares. A significant contribution to these extraordinarily high figures must be attributed to a large cocoa co-operative in Sierra Leone, where a good 36,000 smallholders cultivate cocoa in the forests of this West African state on an area of the same number of hectares. However, even leaving this statistical outlier aside, the area still increased by 22.6%.
Thanks to this effect, the global number of farmers cultivating their land in accordance with the Naturland standards also made a great leap, to 100,000. This figure mainly comprises smallholders who are members of one of the 154 Naturland co-operatives or producer organisations.


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