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Despite the difficulties resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Naturland members records strong growth in 2020. Worldwide, more than 100,000 farmers in 60 countries cultivate their land according to Naturland standards. Furthermore, there are 54,000 hectares of sustainably managed Naturland forests.

In total, 590,000 hectares of land are farmed according to Naturland standards - half of it in Germany. In Germany, Naturland grew by 232 new member farms in 2020 - a growth of 5.9%.

Internationally, Naturland's growth was even stronger - but with great regional differences. Due to different COVID-19 regulations in various countries, pre-evaluation visits and initial certification for interested farms were not equally possible. In total, the Naturland certified area outside of Germany grew by 41% to 276,000 hectares. The number of farmers worldwide increased to over 100,000. This includes mostly smallholder farmers, that are organized in one of the 154 Naturland cooperatives and producer groups.


Strong growth in Europe: 27.5 % increase in certified Naturland area

The area certified by Naturland in Europe was expanded by 27.5% to now 40,000 hectares. One example of this positive development is Italy. Recently, 28 Italian farms became Naturland certified. This led to an increase of land of around 80%, with now 8,100 hectares of Naturland certified area in Italy. Naturland also welcomed 11 new farms in Spain, with even more waiting to be certified in 2021. In addition, Naturland also certified the first operation in Portugal in 2020.


Africa: 36 000 new farmers in Sierra Leone

In Africa, Naturland gained a new member in Sierra Leone. A cooperative with over 36 000 members farming over 36,000 hectares of cocoa, is now producing according to Naturland standards.


Growth in South and North Amerika

On the American continent, Naturland grew in the North as well as in the South. In Canada, 16 new maple farmers joined Naturland. Other countries where new Naturland farmers joined are Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.


New members and growing area in Asia

In Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia new members joined Naturland, producing various coconut products. In the Philippines for example, the Naturland certified area grew by 16,000 hectares. In Uzbekistan, Naturland welcomed their first member: a producer of walnuts from wild collection.