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Online seminar on organic fruit growing

09 February 2022
Diseases and pests are among the biggest challenges in organic fruit production. Synthetic chemical pesticides are taboo, but organic farmers are constantly developing new strategies to counter these problems in other ways. The Europe-wide BIOFRIUTNET project initiated by Naturland has therefore...

Healthy productive soils in organic agricultural cultivation systems

19 November 2021
On the 6th of December 2021, Naturland e.V. featured three Naturland members, from Uganda, India, and Paraguay to celebrate World Soil Day, held annually on the 5th of December. The objective was to raise awareness of human well-being by addressing growing challenges in soil. Organic agricul...

Naturland at the Organic World Congress in France

03 September 2021
At the beginning of September, the international organic movement meets in Rennes, France, for the Organic World Congress (OWC). The congress, which had to be canceled last year due to the corona pandemic, will now be rescheduled as a hybrid event, most of the participants will join digitally. Na...

Hubert Heigl re-elected as president of Naturland

10 June 2021
Frankfurt/Main – Hubert Heigl is to embark on another term at the head of Naturland. On Wednesday evening, the international assembly of delegates from this organic association, which is present in 60 countries throughout the world, elected Heigl, an organic farmer (56) from Bavaria, Germany...

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