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Naturland Fair

Become a Naturland Fair Partner

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Individual producers, growers‘ co-operatives and processors may all become Naturland fair partners. Please find below the steps to Naturland Fair certification.

Interested producers may contact the following ›Naturland Fair Contacts


Steps to Naturland Fair Certification

1. Exchange of information

Exchange of information between the Naturland partner organisation (producer or processor certified by Naturland) and its Naturland contact on the enterprise’s circumstances with respect to social responsibility, fair trade and social involvement as well as on the opportunities offered by and requirements made for certification to Naturland Fair Standards. Transparency is an essential prerequisite for Naturland Fair relationships and includes information on company participations and the provision of an organisation chart.


2. Policy guidelines

The Naturland partner organisation evolves a policy jointly with its own members or staff. Wherever possible this describes the following aspects: organic agriculture, acquisition of raw materials from local sources, social responsibility and fair trade. If a written policy is already available (or a statement of basic principles or a guideline), this can be presented to Naturland.


3. Naturland Fair self-assessment form

The Naturland partner organisation completes the Naturland Fair self-assessment form. The self-assessment form is designed to consider every aspect of the Naturland Fair Standards, current circumstances and the aims envisaged by the organisation. Besides this, it serves as preparation for inspection.


4. Inspection order

The Naturland certification committee examines the documents (the policy and the completed Naturland Fair self-assessment form), determines whether it is necessary to delegate an advisor to assist in situ with conversion to Naturland Fair, and issues the inspection body with an inspection order.


5. Inspection

Inspection to the Naturland Fair Standards is performed by a qualified inspection body, wherever possible in the course of regular inspection of compliance with the Naturland organic standards.


6. Certification

Evaluation by the Naturland certification committee is performed on the basis of the inspection report on compliance with the Naturland Fair Standards. Where certification is granted, a Naturland Fair certificate is issued along with the Naturland organic certificate.


7. Naturland Fair Certificate

With the valid Naturland Fair certificate the Naturland partner may now identify the certified products as described in the Naturland Fair Standards when placing them on the market.