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Sustainable capture fishery

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Exchange of information

The first step for both sides - fishing and Naturland - is getting to know each other. The fishermen receive detailed information on the formal and practical aspects of certification. Naturland records the relevant farm data via an initial data entry form and checks the prerequisites for certification.

Initial visit

During the course of a visit to the premises, a conversion plan is drawn up in mutual agreement by both parties or, in the case of projects to be initiated with capture fisheries, recommended measures for improvement are defined, to prepare them for the desired certification.

Expert panel

A committee of experts convened expressly for each fishing project draws up project-specific management requirements as a supplementary feature to the basic Naturland Wildfish criteria. These are scrutinised by the experts every two years and adjusted to best correspond to the current status of development and the latest findings. The experts are required to cover the following fields with respect to fishing: scientific research, administration, NGOs, fish farming, fish processing, and trade. The project-specific management requirements must be recognised and confirmed by Naturland before being posted on the Naturland website for one month with the aim of inviting a broader public to contribute comments. The fishing sector can respond to any entries made.

Once the operation or fishery and Naturland have agreed on the terms of future co-operation, Naturland commissions an independent inspection body to perform inspection. Inspection covers every stage of operation: hatchery and rearing or capture fishery, slaughter, management, incoming goods, processing and shipping.

On the basis of the inspection report, Naturland decides whether the operation or fishery can be certified. Inspection is performed annually. Certification is therefore refreshed each year.

Naturland branding

Before applying the Naturland logo to its products, the enterprise is further required to conclude a sub-licensing agreement with Naturland Zeichen GmbH.