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Sustainable capture fishery

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Currently two German vessels are certified which are fishing mainly pollack but also cod, haddock and hake with trawl nets in the Northern North Sea. Mostly the vessels start their fishing trips from the Danish port of Hanstholm. The trips last several days and include a crew of four to six people. The fish is gutted and stored on ice while still on board. Further processing takes place ashore.

This highly selective pollack fishery is exemplary in its efforts to minimize its impact on the marine ecosystem. For example, special nets with lower yarn thickness and large mesh sizes are used. The lighter nets minimize fuel consumption and ground contact. Finally, the larger meshes give smaller young fish the chance to escape. Furthermore, a restriction to certain "catch corridors" is in place - based on detailed nautical charts and expert opinions.


Factsheet of the fisheryMaschenweite 250Mesh size control

Fishing area: FAO 27, Northern North Sea 4a and 3a
Fishing methods: Pelagic trawl, semi-pelagic trawl
Target fish species: Pollack (Pollachius virens), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), hake (Merluccius merluccius)
Number of fishermen: 2 fishing companies
Number of boats: 2
Size of the boats: about 40 meters


Steps to certification

On 7th of August 2017 - after there had been no concerns or objections on the report - a positive certification decision was taken after examination of the facts and expert opinions. The Naturland Guidelines for Sustainable Fisheries require the publication of the relevant parts of the inspection report at least four weeks before the decision of the Naturland certification committee on the certification of a fishing project or on requirements within a certain period to be fulfilled. The publication is primarily intended to enable a wider circle of interested organisations, experts and private individuals to comment on the information in the inspection report or to critically question them.


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