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Sustainable capture fishery

Sustainable capture fishery - artisanal fishing with a future

Following the introduction of its very successful standards for organic agriculture in the mid-1990s, Naturland drafted its requirements for sustainable capture fishery. The Naturland wild fish standards, as they are called, provide detailed regulations about fishing equipment and fishing practice as well as on social conditions, following consultation with experts on the ground. In this way Naturland can be sure that certification does actually cover the points which are relevant or critical to each particular type of fishing. 

Sustainable capture fishery, according to the Naturland concept, comprises three dimensions: the organic, the social and the economic. When we talk of the organic sustainability of a fishing operation, we mean that both the stocks of the economically relevant species and also the other components of the ecosystem are protected. Besides this, especially high-grade, healthy fishing products are preserved for the future by making sure they are not impaired by harmful environmental influences or by detrimental processing methods. The sustainability of a fishing operation in the social sense means that its workers meet with fair working conditions and that the living conditions of other members of the community are not affected. The sustainability of a fishing operation in the economic sense means that the way the fish products are marketed guarantees stable relationships along all the members of the value chain in a spirit of mutual responsibility. The Naturland “Wildfish” logo illustrates adherence to these principles.


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