Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Measures for internal and external quality assurance have been established with Naturland for many years. In addition, Naturland is involved in projects that further strengthen the confidence in Naturland certified produce by allowing more transparency. 

Thus the software e-Cert is raising transparency and security for everybody involved in the control- and certification process. The website picks up the issue of traceability from the consumer's point of view and thus creates confidence.

Ecert Logo RGB 200e-Cert – Software for inspection bodies and certifiers

In cooperation with the major Swiss and Austrian inspection bodies, Bio.inspecta and Austria Bio Garantie (ABG), and the software company intact, Naturland has developed software covering the whole scope of applications of inspection bodies and certifiers. e-Cert allows the whole inspection and certification procedure to be executed promptly and clearly and to be recorded electronically from start to finish.
The results of inspection tours of farmers and processors are recorded digitally. Upon conclusion of the certification procedure, the clients can download their own certificates from the internet. The e-Cert system makes the inspection procedure five times faster than before. Any measures needed to be taken in cases of non-compliance can be applied quickly at any stage. Quality assurance becomes more efficient, which is a great step towards enhancing acceptance and reliability at every level.

More about e-Cert

bio-mit-gesicht©bio mit gesicht Logo ("organic with face")

The website is a service developed by Naturland Association, alongsiide with the Naturland marketing organisation, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the trading firm „tegut...“ . By means of a reliable tracing system, the customer can refer to the internet to find out where, by whom and how the organic product he or she has purchased was cultivated and processed.

How it works for the consumer: Each article purchased bears a number. This enables the customer to “visit“ the producer on the internet under Where is the farm/manufacturer? Who works for him? What standards do they have to comply with? What else is there of interest? In addition the site offers information on organic agriculture, product information, tasty recipes and many more items.

For example: potatoes from the Foerster farm
A consumer buying organic potatoes identified under the „Bio mit Gesicht“ scheme – will come to know the ›Foerster family on their farm in Oberhof. In the description of the farm, he will learn that the farm is managed in compliance with Naturland standards and what the Foersters motivated to convert to organic agriculture. Other items of interest are that the farm has its own small „eco centre“, processes fruit from its own orchard, operates as an organic wine wholesaler and sells organic building materials. Should the consumer wish to learn more about the products or the farm, he can either send a mail to the Foersters or even contact them on the phone.