Naturland is more: organic, social and fair

The agricultural system of the future is organic combined with fair trade. Experts everywhere see organic and socially oriented agriculture as the key to combating global environmental problems, hunger and poverty. Furthermore, one outstanding feature of Agenda 2030, too, which was passed by the United Nations in New York in September 2015, is the consistent link it makes between combating poverty and fostering environmental protection in its list of 17 objectives for furthering sustainable development.

Organic agriculture and fair trade have made a substantial contribution towards the success of Agenda 2030. We would draw your attention to the following objectives in particular: #2 (Zero Hunger), #12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), #13 (Climate Action), #14 (Life Below Water) and #15 (Life on Land).
For almost 35 years now, Naturland has been motivated by the challenge to adapt the future of our food supply in a sustainable system within the global context. In keeping with Agenda 2030, we see sustainability as a combination of all its ecological, social and economic aspects, which Naturland merges to create a living, breathing, continually developing whole.

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