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The economic pillar of sustainability

Economic growth without consideration for natural and human resources is in direct contradiction to the concept of sustainability. Alternatives such as holistic growth, bartering systems and an organically and socially orientated agricultural and food industry require courageous people from all walks of life who are prepared to advance this transformation and present sustainable solutions. 

Organic agriculture will only have a future if farmers can live by it. With this in mind, Naturland initiated a project called “Fair Partnerships” in 2006, which resulted in the “Naturland Fair” logo in 2010. This is how farmers and manufacturers from both the north and the south demonstrate the contributions they are making to society in the organic and social sectors and fair trade. Hand in hand with the consumer, “Naturland Fair” creates prospects for farmers, processors and the trade, enabling them to run their businesses long-term whilst at the same time preserving our natural resources.