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The organic pillar of sustainability

Mankind is currently consuming 1.5 times the amount of natural resources which are renewed each year. Climate change, population growth and the rise in living standards in many threshold countries further aggravate the situation. A stop must be put to such follies of agricultural policy as the cultivation of crops on an industrial scale, for example monocultures like maize and sugar cane for the production of agro-energy.

Organic agriculture stands for the preservation of natural resources, leaves a smaller ecological footprint and is a model for sustainable agriculture. Naturland farmers and manufacturers put the principles of soil conservation, climate protection, species conservation and water pollution control into practice and are trailblazers of multifunctional agriculture. Naturland quite deliberately speaks of organic quality which is quite a bit more than “just” health food.


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More than 400 associations, ranging from NGOs and research institutes to farmers’ associations and environmental groups, have joined together as part of the People4Soil coalition - amogh them Naturland - to call for the EU to introduce specific regulations to protect the soil.

We want to put pressure on the European institutions so that specific regulations are introduced to protect the soil and principles and rules laid down which are binding on all EU member states. We want Europe to recognize soil as a common good essential to all our lives and to commit to its sustainable management as a priority.