Shaping future worldwide – Agenda 2030

Throughout its history, for decades now, organic agriculture has been a forerunner in the major contribution it has been making in practical terms towards achieving the sustainability objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 passed in 2015. For almost 35 years now, Naturland has been helping to shape the future of our food supplies and to preserving our environment.For almost 35 years now, Naturland has been motivated by the challenge to adapt the future of our food supply in a sustainable system within the global context. In keeping with Agenda 2030, we see sustainability as a combination of all its ecological, social and economic aspects, which Naturland merges to create a living, breathing, continually developing whole.

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The challenge to ensure that our food supplies, in the global context, are produced in a sustainable manner, can only be met by joining forces with strong allies. Totally in keeping with the motto “Working together. Organic and fair trade”, the partners of Naturland are already realising the UN sustainability objectives in specific areas, depending on their sphere of activity, one step at a time.