What we stand for


Naturland – organic for everyone! We want to eat healthily while also protecting our natural environment. We want to farm our animals with compassion and take responsibility for our environment, the planet and its biodiversity. We also want to take joint responsibility for our community and trade fairly.

Naturland is organic, socially-orientated and fair. We incorporate all the ecological, social and economic aspects of sustainability into a living, breathing solution that's constantly evolving. This is why Naturland has social and fair trade standards in addition to the existing high standards for crop growing, livestock farming and food processing that cover the core elements of sustainability.

Naturland is international. Founded on the outskirts of Munich in 1982, our organisation soon expanded internationally. What started in 1986 with the conversion of the world's first organic tea plantation quickly developed into one of the world’s largest organic associations. Today, our membership includes farmers from 60 different countries from all four corners of the globe.

As such, we are committed to campaigning for a much needed cultural shift towards a sustainable future for the food and farming sector. Find out more about what stand for:

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