Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Naturland is a farmers‘ association. It was founded in 1982 with its headquarters in Graefelfing, near Munich, Germany. The work of the association is defined by its statutes. For a comprehensive overview of the structure please study our statutes. › file ico Statutes (PDF, 4,3 MB)


Board of directors
The board of directors is elected by the assembly of delegates for a term of office of three years and is accountable to the assembly of delegates. The board of directors is responsible for all matters pertaining to the association. It may establish working groups on different areas of professional expertise. The board of directors elects a president from among its members to represent Naturland both internally and externally.


Assembly of delegates

The assembly of delegates is the supreme body of the association Naturland e.V. The assembly of delegates is composed of members of Naturland such as farmers, beekeepers and other producers. They are appointed as delegates to the assembly of delegates by and from among the members of the regional assemblies of the German federal provinces where Naturland is present, to represent them for a term of three years. The international members also appoint delegates to represent their interests. The role of the assembly of delegates as the supreme body is to determine the policies and objectives of the association. Besides this, the assembly of delegates approves standards and the budget and elects the members of the board of directors, the certification committee and the standards committee.


World Advisory Board

In order to accord the international interests even greater weight, a world advisory board has also been constituted. It is composed of both international delegates and further members who are elected by the assembly of delegates from candidates proposed by the Naturland board of directors.The members of this World Advisory Board represent the whole spectrum of the association’s international activities. It is the board’s job to counsel the board of directors and general management in questions concerning the international strategy of Naturland.


Certification committee

The certification committee, which is a statutory body, is composed of three sub-committees (production in Germany, international production, processing). The role of the respective sub-committees is to decide whether to accord certification to member operations, on the basis of the inspection reports. In the case of a positive decision, the contractual partners of Naturland are issued with an annual certificate and notice of certification. The certification committee is not bound by any mandatory instructions with respect to its professional judgments and reaches its decisions on the basis of the latest versions of the respective Naturland standards.


Standards committee

The standards committee is elected for a term of three years by the assembly of delegates. Its role is to define and revise the Naturland standards. The committee may appoint working groups with permanent or alternating members who are recognised as experts in various fields of organic agriculture. The assembly of delegates holds sovereignty over the standards, meaning that they have the right to make final decisions about the standards and any amendments thereto.