How to become a Naturland partner

Farmers, food manufacturers, caterers, wholesalers and retailers: all are part of the global Naturland network. They grow, process and sell their products and are all meeting the same high quality standards. It is the role of the Naturland Zeichen GmbH to put these market players in contact with each other and to promote the cooperation within this network.

Benefits for processors

We choose appropriate sales channels, develop fair-trade partnerships, procure raw products and are thus creating production chains of outstanding transparency and reliability. As a Naturland partner you can present yourself at major trade fairs and other events, where we are represented with joint stands and take care not only of the planning and organisation but also of advertising and press relations. The newsletter "PIN" keeps our market dialogue alive and informs its readers about new products, dates of events and many other topics which may be of interest to you.

How to become a Naturland partner
You are interested to become a Naturland partner? Please make an appointment with us. We will then inform you what conditions your enterprise and/or your products are required to fulfil. We will advise you on how to implement the Naturland standards and accompany you through the certification process. Once you have chosen to join us, you will sign a licensing agreement with us.

Inspection for adherence to the EU eco-regulation and to our own organic and social standards is performed once a year in one go. This is done by an independent, state-approved inspection body paying a visit to your enterprise.

Upon completion of the certification process we will issue you with the certificate of approval for your product(s) and with the Naturland logo. From here on you are free to avail yourself of all our services and the many benefits to be derived from being a Naturland partner.