„Naturland Fair“

A total of 14 of the partners exhibiting at the joint booth are also certified to the fair trade standards of Naturland, “Naturland Fair”. A growing number of enterprises are using this supplementary certification, which was introduced in 2010, to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable small-scale agriculture. Besides typical fair trade products from countries in the global south, the share of fair-trade produce from Europe has increased significantly. The rich diversity of organic fair trade produce from the global north and south is being shown at the forum “Naturland Fair”.

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„Naturland in Greece“

A new forum is “Naturland in Greece“, a showcase for the produce of our Greek Naturland partners. Several hundred Greek Naturland smallholders, most of whom are members of producers’ associations, produce not only typical Greek products such as olive oil and sheep’s cheese, but also citrus fruits and even saffron.


"Naturland Fish and Seafood"

The forum “Naturland Fish and Seafood” is centred round the diversity to be found in the strictly organic produce of the Naturland aquaculture and sustainable fishery range (Naturland Wildfish) which is today available to specialist outlets. All the species certified, from German carp and trout to herring, salmon and shrimps and various types of edible seaweed, are on display, and information is available on the actual projects behind these products. This information is complemented by various tasting sessions.