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Organic expertise

Info QS CIRSA Besuch in SimojovelNaturland supports many small farmers' co-operatives in questions of organic agriculture and certification. Naturland staff regularly visits the Naturland members all over the world and provides information on questions of organic agriculture standards, conversion and certification requirements and the processing of organic produce. Naturland has written a standard work on the organic cultivation of cash crops in the tropics and sub-tropics, with recommendations on the production, processing and product specifications. From coffee to banana on 10 up to 40 pages, according to the crop described, the most important information about cultivation, the production process as well as product specifications are given. Each guideline is supplemented with a comprehensive introduction of the principles of organic agriculture. The guidelines are also available in Spanish and German. › Publications


Regional representatives

Reprsentanten DSC 0799 By being present on a local level, Naturland can justifiably claim to be a qualified co-operation partner of international calibre in matters of organic agriculture. Naturland representatives in Egypt, Tanzania, Italy, Spain, the US, India and Ecuador offer speedy and competent advice on questions such as certification requirements, certification procedure, quality standards, acceptance and legal requirements for export to all corners of the world. Naturland also offers its services to inspection bodies and governmental institutions. The regional representatives also represent Naturland on regional trade fairs and other events. › Contacts


Internal control system (ICS)

ICS Kaffee6 Since 1989 Naturland has been working together with smallholder organisations worldwide. Its experience in this field has caused Naturland to view the concept and implementation of a functional and well-organized Internal Control System (ICS) as one of the most important prerequisites for a successful development in the international certification of smallholder organisations producing organically. In addition the ICS is seen as an important tool to reduce the annual costs of external inspection. Naturland published one of the first handbooks for the "implementation of ICS in smallholder organisations". The handbook is available in English and Spanish. It is free of charge for all members and ensures, that smallholder organisations have access to the information needed in order to implement an Internal Control System (ICS). › ICS Manual (PDF, 7,17 MB)


Organic and Social standards

ko Soz Inspektorenschulung Sozialrichtlinien BolivienNaturland was the first organic association to have introduced social standards applicable to all producers. Indeed, Naturland regards organic production and social responsiblity as two sides of the same coin.

Naturland Social Standards






Advocacy work

Interessensvertr 0162 Sd IMore than 90 percent of the international members are smallholder farmers, many of them organised in cooperatives. Naturland is member of the IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement and is actively involves in promoting organic agriculture world-wide. Naturland also campaigns for the interests of smallholders in various networks.





Acces to a growth market

Marktzugang Jon Bosco Bukenia PassionsfNaturland provides market access for more than 43,00 farmers to the organic market, thus enabling them to participate in its rapid growth. The Naturland Zeichen GmbH helps its partners to source raw products and makes sure that they are visible at national and international trade fairs.