Our Service

Networks, market access & advocacy

Naturland staff regularly visit Naturland members all over the world and provide information about organic agriculture standards, conversion and certification requirements, and organic food processing.

We offer a range of seminars and courses on various topics. We recently conducted capacity building workshops focused on Internal Control Systems, making coffee production in Uganda more resistant to climate change and improving the living conditions of smallholder farmers in the Philippines by supporting the development of trustworthy ecological value chains.

Regional Network

By being present on a local level, Naturland can justifiably claim to be a qualified co-operation partner on an international scale in matters of organic agriculture. We work with regional experts in many different countries and regions. All the experts are well trained on the Naturland certification requirements, certification procedures and quality standards, working to promote quality assurance and support Naturland members in all corners of the world. Naturland also offers its service to inspection bodies and government institutions. Naturland’s growing network also enables it to be present at regional trade fairs and other events.

Market access

Naturland provides market access to more than 65,000 farmers to the organic market, thus enabling them to participate in its rapid growth. Naturland Zeichen GmbH helps its partners to source raw materials and ensures they are visible at national and international trade fairs.


More than 90 percent of Naturland’s international members are smallholders, many of which are organised into cooperatives. Naturland is a member of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement, and is actively involved in promoting organic agriculture worldwide. Naturland also campaigns for the interests of smallholders in various networks.