KVP Vietnam (Phase 2)

International Commitment

Strengthening organic agriculture in Vietnam: KVP Vietnam (Phase 2)

Chamber and association partnership ("Kammer- und Verbandspartnerschaften", KVP) between Naturland e.V. and the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA) in Vietnam

We want organic agriculture to be the standard, not the alternative. In accordance with this principle, Naturland aims to boost organic farming in key regions such as Southeast Asia. With over 98 million inhabitants, Vietnam has a fast-developing economy. The agricultural sector has helped drive economic development and contributed to food security. In 2020, agriculture contributed 14% to GDP and 38% to employment. However, farmers are still disproportionately affected by poverty.

Organic farming has been developing in Vietnam since the mid-1990s. Increasingly, smallholders are organizing into Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) groups, a locally focused quality assurance system. Nevertheless, advocacy for organic farming is still weak, service provision for actors along the value chain remains inadequate and the Vietnamese population lacks confidence in locally produced products.

The goals of this project are to support the expansion of organic farming in Vietnam and to stimulate the demand of Vietnam's certified organic products. These goals are to be achieved through a partnership with the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA). During the three-year project phase, measures will be implemented to improve VOAA's member-focused services and foster an enabling environment for organic farming in Vietnam.

VOAA will receive support to strengthen its organizational structure, implement information campaigns about its range of services, strengthen its physical presence in southern Vietnam and to participate in policy advocacy at all levels. Following outcomes are expected:

  • VOAA can diversify its activities and maintain a sustainable operational structure.
  • Its members in the three regions across Vietnam are content with VOAA's services.
  • There is a supportive environment for organic farming in Vietnam with an enabling political framework and reliable data for relevant core topics.

Duration: 2023 - 2026 (3 years)


Trang Le Ngoc Mai

Naturland Academy
Education expert and project management
Focus Vietnam

+49 89 898082-285

Project partner

The Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA) was founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing together the various players in organic agriculture under one umbrella. The Hanoi-based association has over 2,000 members, including farmers, research institutes, scientists, businesses, associations and cooperatives. VOAA is a major driver of organic agriculture in Vietnam and a strategic partner of Naturland in Southeast Asia.


Header image: Pixabay/ Qui Nguyen Khac