Georgia Organic - Farming for the Future

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Georgia Organic - Farming for the Future

The aim of the project is to promote the development and stabilisation of employment in rural Georgia and to support environmental protection and resource conservation.

In Georgia, over 41 per cent of the workforce is employed in agriculture. These are mainly small farms that serve the self-sufficiency of the villagers. For some years now, organic farming has been becoming more popular in Georgia. This opens up new opportunities for additional employment and income, especially for small farmers. A major challenge for the sustainable growth of and stable employment in the organic sector is that there are hardly any market-orientated advisory, training and further education services for organic farmers in Georgia. Supply chains and distribution channels are also still underdeveloped. There is a lack of inspectors, advisors and established certification processes. Better knowledge of international markets could also help open up larger markets, especially as the quality and prices of some Georgian organic products (e.g. tea, wine and wild herbs) are internationally competitive. The Georgian government has announced its intention to strengthen organic farming. However, a high-quality qualification and training system in the field of organic farming and the establishment of strong networks are crucial for success.

With this project, Naturland will support the expansion of organic agriculture in Georgia together with Georgian partner organisations. In order to strengthen organic farming and fair trade, the project will support selected agricultural associations and organisations in Georgia through know-how transfer and networking. To this end, Naturland will develop educational programs on organic farming and fair trade which will be permanently integrated into the services offered by the partner associations. In addition, the project will enable partner associations to offer advisory services on the organic production of selected agricultural products such as tea or wine.

Duration: 2022 - 2025 (3 years)


Eva Gemmel

Project management and capacity development
Focus Georgia

+49 175 5226661

In cooperation with

Sustain Caucasus International Alliance

Sustain Caucasus International is a German-Georgian non-governmental organization (NGO) for the promotion of sustainable economic and rural development in the mountain regions of the Caucasus.


Georgian Farmers` Association

The mission of the Georgian Farmers`Association is to strengthen the agricultural sector in Georgia, increase the visibility of farmers in the public eye and ultimately improve the quality of life of agricultural producers.

Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association

The Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association brings together a small group of 25 farmers and cooperatives who produce high quality organic tea in order to position and compete in the international market.

Women Farmers Association

The Women Farmers Association (WFA) was founded in 2013 with support from United Nation Development Program. It has over 350 members across Georgia, most of whom represent family farms. The WFA campaigns for greater gender equity on small and medium-sized farms, as women continue to be disadvantaged in the agricultural sector.


The non-governmental organisation ELKANA, founded in August 1994, works to preserve and protect the environment by promoting organic and sustainable agriculture in Georgia.

Natural Wine Association

The Association of Natural Winegrowers and Producers was founded in 2017 by Georgian winegrowers and winemakers to promote organic viticulture and winemaking and to leave healthy and viable vineyards and ecosystems to future generations.


Chamber and Association Partnership Programme financed by BMZ via sequa gGmbH.