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Driving agroecological transitions in the humid tropics of Central and East Africa through transdisciplinary Agroecology Living Labs

The humid tropics of Central and East Africa hold much promise for enhancing food and nutritional security within and beyond Africa. At the same time, crops which are vital for subsistence and economic development are expected to be significantly affected by climate change in the following years.

CANALLS aims to drive agroecological transitions in the humid tropics of Central and East Africa and develop holistic agroecological solutions that meet the challenges of the local food systems. The project will focus on 8 diverse forest transition landscapes and agroecological zones, with special attention to cocoa, coffee, rice, cassava and maize. The wide range of activities will be implemented by 10 African and 8 European project partners - ranging from farmer associations to research institutions and policy advisors.

Naturland will support the other project partners regarding the acquisition and dissemination of agroecological knowledge, with a special focus on Burundi. In particular, we will share and enhance our know-how regarding

  • the organic cultivation of perennial crops within tropical agroforestry systems,
  • methods of preventing soil erosion and improving soil fertility and
  • methods for enhancing biodiversity in food production.

Duration: 2023 – 2026 (4 years)


Dr. Diomandé Fan

Program Management


Funded by the European Union

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