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Grüne InnovationszentrenImproved access to knowledge about organic farming and its innovations has a great potential to increase smallholders’ productivity in Africa and India in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable fashion. To reach this goal, the Organic Research Institute FiBL, the international umbrella organization for organic agriculture IFOAM Organics International and Naturland cooperate with seven “Green innovation centres for the agriculture and food sector” (GIAE) in Africa and India. 
The Green innovation centres are part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) initiative “One World - No Hunger”. They are managed in the partner countries by the German development agency GIZ. The centres in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Malawi, Mali, Benin, Togo and India are connected through a partnership with FiBL, IFOAM Organics International and Naturland in a working group for organic agriculture

Increase the value of agricultural production ecologically
One central measure of the project is setting up organic agricultural value chains, from production to processing and sales on domestic and international markets. The project focuses on different products in each country -the decisive factor being the product’s market potential or its importance for food security. The project therefore focuses, for example, on manioc, soy, sunflowers and peanuts in Malawi and on vegetables and potatoes in Cameroon.
The working areas of the project partners in detail:

  • General coordination; providing market data; demonstrating the advantages of organic agriculture to policy makers; communicating the advantages of organic products in the project countries (IFOAM)
  • Studies and research regarding consumers’ awareness of organic products in the project countries; supporting the conversion to organic agriculture; support regarding certification and market access through Naturland partner organisations in processing and trade. (Naturland)
  • Developing training material for farmers and multipliers; training local partners and promoting exchange between scientists and practitioners in Africa and India (FiBL)


Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Ecomomic Cooperation and Development with: 

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