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Reports from the field: On-farm composting

The long-time Naturland farmers Udo Rumpel and Eberhard Räder share their practical experiences in composting.

Werner Vogt-Kaute, Naturland e.V.

A lot of arable land is losing humus and thus carbon. Crop rotation can improve carbon balances, including measures such as the cultivation of clover grass, intercropping or undersowing, as well as the addition of organic materials such as compost. In March 2023, the second ⇒ online seminar of the project "Improving C-balances on livestock-free organic farms for the sequestration of atmospheric carbon" addressed this issue. The seminar focused on composting on the farm. The long-standing Naturland farms Rumpel and Räder discussed their methods. By composting, materials that would otherwise not be put to use - such as wood chips or green waste - can be utilized. The two farms practice composting on a relatively large scale. Many participants of the seminar wished for an additional workshop for small farms. We will keep you informed.

The project coordinated by Naturland e.V. involves the agricultural institutes in Slovenia (Kmetijski institut Slovenije) and Serbia (Institute for Field and Vegetable Crops). It is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection within the framework of the European Climate Initiative.

Further information:

The whole online seminar can be viewed on YouTube the playlist of the Naturland Academy
Visit the project website for more information about the on-going project
Our webpage "Soil and fertilization" offers more information for Naturland farms


Werner Vogt-Kaute supervises national and international projects on practical research. His focus is on arable farming, fertilization, plant breeding and poultry.