Call for experts and trainers

Interested in sharing your expertise as a trainer or advisor?
June 10, 2024

Fill out our questionnaire and join the network of the Naturland Academy. It only takes five minutes.

Naturland Academy is looking for experts and trainers who can

  • conduct face-to-face training sessions,
  • lead online seminars,
  • review our knowledge materials related to specific crops and regional adaptations, and/ or
  • review translations of materials.

We are especially interested in hearing from experts and trainers in South America and Africa. Thank you for joining us in this mission. The team of the Naturland Academy is looking forward to working with you!

About the Naturland Academy

The Naturland Academy provides multilingual on-site as well as online learning opportunities on organic farming, social responsibility and fair trade. We are continuously developing new knowledge materials such as manuals, fact sheets and videos, organizing online seminars, creating self- and cohort-paced web-based courses and implementing face-to-face trainings all around the world. With this initiative, we want to support our members as well as farming communities worldwide to share and further develop their knowledge and to be well-equipped to face the global challenges. More information on the online platform of the Naturland Academy:

If you have further questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.