Become a Naturland farm


Naturland certification guarantees to consumers that products meet the strict ecological and social requirements of Naturland standards.

Certification by Naturland fulfils the most stringent internationally recognised standards. Accreditation based on the sISO/IEC 17065 standard documents the credibility and transparency of our certification system. Producers and processors are inspected at least annually by independent and competent third-party inspection bodies mandated by Naturland.

Get Your Naturland Certification

1. Information exchange

Please contact us if you are interested in a Naturland certification. We will provide you with information tailored to your needs and ask you to inform us about your operations. During a pre-evaluation visit we gather an impression of your operation on-site and discuss the path to certification

2. Contract

The future cooperation between you and Naturland is formally established with a contractual partnership. By signing the producer contract, you undertake to comply with the Naturland standards and regular inspections.

3. Inspection

An approved, independent inspection body verifies compliance with the Naturland standards on your farm.

4. Certification

The Naturland certification committee reviews the results of the inspection and takes a certification decision. Upon a successful decision, you receive your Naturland certificate and you can become member of the Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture.

5. Naturland Branding

The use of the Naturland trademark is governed by a separate contract – a sublicense agreement with Naturland Zeichen GmbH. Upon conclusion of the sublicense agreement, you can label and market your certified products with the Naturland trademark.

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