Animal Welfare
Sheep and goats

Animal welfare

Sheep and goats

Goats and sheep were among the first domestic animals to be commercialised, although nowadays they only make up around one percent of Germany's overall livestock population.


Sheep: In organic farming, it's common to raise sheep in pastures or in flocks – raising them indoors only is not permitted due to the requirement for grazing/exercise.

Goats: Goats are mostly used for maintaining landscapes. Due to their particular eating habits, they are useful for preventing disused land from becoming overgrown or overpopulated with trees and for conserving special habitats and rare species.


Although the sheep and goat milk sector has flourished in recent years, they are still niche products. Milk production secures many farmers around the world a fair wage for producing a high-quality food product and maintaining our natural landscape. Organic goats and sheep must have access to open yards and pastures on a daily basis. Indoor housing is reserved for the winter months.

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