Animal Welfare

Animal welfare


Our Naturland farmers care deeply about treating the animals in their care responsibly. After all, they are our fellow creatures and have their own specific needs. Our members work closely with expert advisers and specially appointed Naturland animal welfare officers to ensure the welfare of their animals.

In addition, a third-party animal welfare inspection service assists us in reinforcing good husbandry practices on Naturland member farms and rectifying any potential weaknesses. Their work is based on a series of inter-association animal welfare checklists that contain criteria for different animal species that have been developed by Naturland in conjunction with Bioland and Demeter. The criteria are checked during the annual inspection for organic certification.

Animal welfare inspections also serve as a key instrument in our work to continuously develop organic livestock farming practices. See for yourself on the following pages why our animals are in such good condition, what challenges we continue to face and what Naturland farmers are doing to meet them.

Animal Welfare by species

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