Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Naturland – mover and shaker: organic, visionary, fair trade

Naturland farmers and processors have been ground-breaking global pioneers for over 30 years. The world’s first ever conversion to organic agriculture of tea gardens in Sri Lanka and India in the 1980s was the prelude to our successful work on an international scale. Currently 43,000 farmers in 46 counties manage an area of some 330,000 hectares according to the Naturland standards. To Naturland, organic agriculture means combining tradition with modern practices and experience with the courage to adopt new approaches.

Naturland farmers and processors produce tasty premium organic foodstuffs according to high organic standards. Instead of working against nature, they co-operate with it. They preserve biodiversity, work to keep the soil fertile, they conserve water and their activities counteract climate change. The restoration of the ecological balance in agriculture is also the most important approach to take to ensure world food security and smallholders’ livelihoods.
Naturland farmers and processors set their sights on the generations to come and devise solutions for the agriculture of the future. To reach their goal of sustainable management, they follow organic, visionary and fair trade principles. Fair prices form the economic basis of sustainable development in organic agriculture. Naturland stands for fair partnerships and transparency in relationships between farmers, traders, processors and consumers.
Naturland is a mover and shaker, a ground breaker. Social standards have been an integral component of the Naturland standards since 2005. With its supplementary certification, “Naturland Fair”, introduced in 2010, Naturland is the only agricultural association to combine organic and fair trade under one global logo which is applied to products from both the north and the south.

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