Updated version of the Naturland and Bio Suisse Water Guidance published

Sustainable water management is becoming increasingly important. Source: freepik
May 02, 2023

Practical tips and background knowledge on the use of water in agriculture

As part of the cooperation between Bio Suisse and Naturland, a comprehensive guidance to sustainable water management was created in 2021. The guidance has now been revised and updated.

In the water guidance you will find valuable information on sustainable water management and on how to complete the water management plan developed by Bio Suisse and Naturland. In addition to basics and background knowledge on sustainable water use for farms, the guidance offers assistance in implementing the requirements of Naturland and Bio Suisse with regard to water.

For example, in chapter “2.3.2 Type of irrigation facilities” on page 15 there is an example of good map practice that should be attached to the water management plan as an appendix. You can adopt the suggested colours and symbols directly to ensure that the map presented meets our criteria.
In chapter “2.5 Type of irrigation and irrigation practices”, the advantages and disadvantages of different irrigation systems are discussed in detail and methods for assessing irrigation frequency and intensity are explained. Good water management also involves knowing the quality of the irrigation water, including how it has developed over the years, for which the most important parameters are briefly explained starting on page 23. On page 24 you will find some useful tips for successful sampling. In addition, starting on page 26, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the Excel tables that are part of the water management plan. Both for individual farms and for producer groups. In the appendix from page 37 you will also find examples of a risk analysis and an action plan.

Water guidance available for free download on the Naturland website

The Naturland and Bio Suisse guidance to sustainable water management is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian and can be downloaded free of charge. Here you will find the current version of the guidance in the respective language:

In German 

In English 

In Spanish 

In Italian 

More information on the Naturland requirements on water can be found here: https://www.naturland.de/en/producers/service-and-expertise/technical-information/sustainable-water-management.html

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