"Blame the system" - campaign film on 40 years of Naturland

Ironic and provocative - the new Naturland image campaign
September 08, 2022

Berlin / Gräfelfing - It all began in 1982 with five farmers and the vision of 100 percent organic farming - 40 years later, Naturland is the largest international organic association with around 140,000 members in 60 countries. A reason to celebrate.

The capital office of the agency group thjnk has developed a campaign around Naturland's 40th anniversary, which will be seen mainly digitally (Meta, TikTok), but also in cinemas and at events.

Annette Bruhns, Head of Communications at Naturland: "40 years of Naturland - and we are far from reaching our goal. Our image film is correspondingly fresh, brisk and demanding! Organic challenges us all, also as consumers. From our point of view, organic is the only way forward for people, animals and the earth."Naturland Netz web

Hendrik Heine, Managing Director Consulting thjnk Berlin: "The time for polite restraint is over. If something like Naturland is so good, so good for all of us - then we should tell everyone in the same way. As loud, zeitgeisty and at the same time accessible as possible. Our approach: thoughts that trigger something - packaged in emotional moving images that are tailored according to digital channel and target group."

The central element of the campaign is a 90-second film that plays with the term "system" in a tongue-in-cheek way: the system of eco-social farming with which Naturland offers an alternative to the outdated system of exploiting people and nature.

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