EU-Organic Day: Alliance for more organic in Europe

Promoting organic in Europe: the logo of the joint campaign of FederBio and Naturland.
September 23, 2022

Together for more organic in Europe: With the "Being Organic in EU" campaign, the organic associations Naturland and FederBio want to raise awareness among German and Italian consumers of the quality of organic products. This is particularly important in economically difficult times such as now, the two associations announced on the occasion of the EU Organic Day on 23 September.

“The 'EU Organic Day' reminds us that the massive expansion of organic agriculture is not only a German, but a European goal. And we also want to promote this common goal in a joint campaign across borders. Because organic farming is the most effective means of countering species extinction and climate change and at the same time securing the future of our food," said Naturland President Hubert Heigl on Friday in Gräfelfing. In addition, it makes the EU less dependent on the import of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

"The agriculture and food of the future is organic," said Paolo Carnemolla, president of FederBio: "With the 'Green Deal' and the 'Farm to Fork' strategy, the EU Commission has initiated an urgently needed change for the ecological and economic future of farms in Europe. However, this change can only succeed if consumers continue to follow suit. Our joint campaign 'Being Organic in EU' is therefore just right to strengthen consumers in their decision to opt for organic in economically difficult times."

Food Trucks, Videos und Öko-Safaris

The project "Being Organic in EU" is designed to run for a total of three years and is primarily intended to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of organic farming and aquaculture and to raise awareness of the EU organic logo. To this end, a variety of different activities and information offers are planned, both online and offline.

For example, organic food trucks in various cities will invite people to try organic food and whet their appetite for organic products. What organic farming and aquaculture do for the protection of soil, water, climate and biodiversity will be presented in entertaining explanatory videos for the social media generation. Media multipliers are invited to organic safaris on organic farms from Flensburg to Naples.

Workshops and networking dinners will also inform participants about the special services and advantages of organic farming. Various trade fair appearances are also planned. The first of these was SANA 2022 in Bologna in September, with further appearances in Milan, Rome and also in Nuremberg at BIOFACH 2023.

About FederBio

FederBio was founded in 1992 through the joint initiative of organisations active in the organic and biodynamic agricultural sector in Italy. FederBio is recognised as the institutional representative of the Italian organic sector at both regional and national level, representing organisations and companies from all areas of the organic sector, from production, processing and distribution to certification and regulation.

About Naturland

The non-profit association was founded in Bavaria in 1982 by farmers, scientists and citizens. With lasting success: 140,000 organic producers in 60 countries around the world now work according to Naturland's strict standards - and more are being added all the time. This makes Naturland the largest international organic association today.

Throughout the EU, there are Naturland farmers in 16 member states. In Germany there are 4,800 organic farms, in Italy more than 200. Worldwide, the majority of Naturland farmers are organised in smallholder cooperatives and producer associations.

In its anniversary year, Naturland is celebrating 40 years of organic farming, 40 years of social commitment, 40 years of regional and international cooperation on farms, at trade fairs and on the web.


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