Mutual recognition in water management between Naturland and Bio Suisse

February 05, 2024

Bio Suisse and Naturland have been cooperating on sustainable water management since 2021. The inspection and certification processes for water management have now been harmonized. Both Bio Suisse and Naturland use the same format for the jointly developed water management plan (WMP). The inspection and certification processes are now harmonized. This means that farms that have both a Bio Suisse certificate and Naturland membership only need to submit the WMP to one organization. This step makes document management considerably easier for farms and saves time during the annual inspections. After a farm has completed and submitted the WMP for the first time, the certification decision letter shows which association is responsible for checking the WMP from now on. All farms that are members of both Bio Suisse and Naturland and are required to submit a water management plan can benefit from this.

Managing scarce water resources

The water management plan serves to ensure sustainable water management, to raise awareness and also to support Naturland and Bio Suisse farms in optimizing their water management. Bio Suisse and Naturland producers located in regions with scarce water resources must develop a water management plan (WMP). To define regions with scarce water resources, the Water Risk Atlas "Aqueduct" of the World Resources Institute (WRI) is used with the indicator "Water Depletion". Regions that are categorized as "high" (50-75%) or "extremely high" (>75%) and from 2025 also "medium-high" (25-50%) or are located in a desert area according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification (indicator "BWh") are considered regions with scarce water resources.

For more information, take a look at the Naturland standards on sustainable water management