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The social pillar of sustainability

The devastating collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh with a death toll of over 1,100 brought home to the global community how human and labour rights are abused in the name of free trade. Child labour and the prohibition of trade unions also cast a poor light on the global working environment. Crop diversity is diminishing all over the world, smallholders are leaving their villages and moving into the cities. There is an urgent need for small-scale, local solutions in order to ensure food sovereignty, particular that of rural populations.

Naturland sees sustainability as taking responsibility for mankind, animals and the environment. This holistic approach also extends to the social treatment of all those living and working on the farms. All Naturland farms have been required to comply with its social standards since 2005. Furthermore, organic agriculture creates useful jobs locally. Smallholders produce 70% of the world’s foodstuffs, so they play an important role in food security. Since 1986 Naturland has been giving co-operatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America support in their conversion to organic agriculture. Wherever it is involved, be it with a politically active farmer in a GMO-free region or on the board of “Forum Fairer Handel” – Naturland creates and co-operates networks for sustainable agriculture.