Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture


Naturland members and partners undertake to comply with the standards of the Naturland Association. Producers and processors alike are subject to annual inspections by qualified inspection bodies. Naturland mandates inspection bodies to perform regular inspections of farmers and processors at least once every year. In addition to the annual tours of inspection, unannounced, risk-oriented spot checks are also made. Inspection is performed by external, expert, state-approved inspection bodies.


Naturland annually provides inspection bodies with current inspection documents and develops specific guidelines for complex areas like inspection of grower groups or the Naturland standards on social responsibility:
file ico Inspection of grower groups (PDF, 170 kB)
file ico Recommendations for Inspections of Social Standards (PDF, 1,1 MB)
The inspection results are recorded in writing.

Training of inspection bodies

Only continuous training of the control bodies ensures a qualified performance of the Naturland inspections. Therefore the subcontracted inspection bodies have to make sure that its inspectors acquire further knowledge and training to meet the specific Naturland requirements in the performance of the inspections. Hence inspection bodies must regulary participate in the Naturland training courses. Trainings may be offered in the form of presence trainings by Naturland trainers or via the Naturland online-training-platform →

Trained international inspectors receive a Naturland training certificate.

Naturland certification committee

Certification and thus the decision as to whether a farmer or enterprise is entitled to sell his or its products with a reference to production in conformity with Naturland’s standards is the responsibility of Naturland’s certification committee. The certification committee comprises up to 20 members from various professions, such as the sciences and research, production, processing and consumer protection. The intention is to have various professional and social spheres represented, besides the requisite experts in the field of organic agriculture and processing. In this way, all important interest groups participate in Naturland decisions on certification.

Certification and recognition

The basis for the decision of the certification committee is the results determined by and facts presented in the inspection report. In cases of non-conformity with the standards, any of a list of penalties ranging from a warning to withdrawal of the right to use the logo and disqualification of the farm may be imposed.
Every year the farms receive a new notice of certification and a certificate from the Naturland certification committee. These confirm that the farm is managed in conformity with Naturland standards. Naturland certification in general is possible with and without a membership with the Naturland e.V.
Processing enterprises which process raw goods certified by Naturland and require their suppliers to produce corresponding proof of Naturland quality may receive corresponding confirmation that they do so from Naturland, on request.